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These courses focus on awareness of what arises when paying attention to the present. Classes are virtual and an instructor will send a link to connect with you once enrolled.

Curiosity in Mindfulness – 4 week course


In this experiential course, participants can learn what mindfulness is. What are the possible health benefits of mindfulness on stress, pain, and chronic health conditions?  Meeting in large and small groups, participants explore their own inner qualities, including kindness, compassion, and awareness.  These inner qualities, alone and in combination, can benefit the personal wellness of body and mind-heart.  A participant can learn how to pay attention to what is present in the moment, decrease stress in the body and mind, focus energy more productively, and have greater mental clarity in the present.  The course introduces mindful practices that can benefit mental and physical well-being, enhance resiliency, and offer new insights of daily living.  Building skills in these practices can serve yourself and all others you meet and interact with, possibly for the rest of your life.

4 weekly sessions of 90 minutes.  All sessions are live online via Zoom.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) – 8 week course plus full day practice


Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is the 8 week program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., over 40 years ago with the intention of addressing well-being for people by increasing ease of daily living, as a way of finding balance in the ups and downs of everyday life. MBSR training has substantial scientific research supporting its success for thousands of people who have completed and continued practicing these techniques. This training has a history of serving individuals with greater awareness and presence in daily life. Outcomes of decreases in stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain symptoms are consistently supported. Positive results of increases in calmness, tranquility, and clarity of decision-making have consistently been observed.

The course is comprised of exploring the present moment with sitting, lying down, and movement-based practices, as well as large and small group discussions. Home practice is a large part of the MBSR course. Participants who interweave these practices into daily living build strong skills for resiliency, self-understanding, compassion, kindness, and wisdom.

Inviting you to join this course exploring how mindfulness may contribute to and enrich your daily life.

Possible learning and discovery include:

  • Decline of habitual tension and tightness of the body
  • Lowering stress
  • Decreasing self-criticism and blame of others
  • Greater calmness and ease in the body
  • Enhanced ability to address anxiety and depression
  • Greater clarity seeing choices and better decision making
  • Building of skills to address unwanted events in life with less reaction, more healing
  • Focus energy more productively
  • Increased awareness of overlooked pleasant events in daily life
  • Self-discovery of shifting towards greater positive well-being
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Enriching the positive and pleasant experiences of daily life

8 weekly sessions of 2 and ½ hours, and a day practice. All sessions are live online via Zoom.

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