Where To Begin?

Interesting question.  If you are reading this, perhaps you are curious about beginnings.  Or possibly about endings and what occurs in between.  In this moment, as you are searching /exploring – yourself and this world.  Begin with the breath.  Acknowledging its presence and movement, both within the body and outside the body.  Neutral and without judgement.  Freely available to all beings. 

Myself, I pause in this moment and take a long, deep breath.  Slow inhale. Pause. And even slower and longer exhale.  Now beginning to settle the body and mind.  Simply breathing.  In and out.  Resting in this moment. 

Noticing the ever-changing flow of air.  The freshness of inhalation; the release of toxins during the exhalation.   No striving; no judgement.   Simply beginning again with the next breath.